Ollie and Graham

Ollie and Graham are a wonderful pair of chaps. They have a house full of curiosities and ephemera and it’s a joy to visit and be met by pictures of squirrels, odd little pieces of taxidermy, some of the best storage ideas you’ve ever seen, many pairs of glasses and colour and vibrancy everywhere.

Ollie has been a huge fan of Wes Anderson since I can remember, so it seemed a no brainer to create a studio set for them that nodded to the distinctive quirk and aesthetic of the infamous director. We spoke about having a very simple colour palette, keeping to blues, yellows and the odd pop of colour here and there. I built the ‘room’ walls from MDF and painted them a deep blue which I have followed through to one of the chairs too. A splash of yellow paint on another chair, some colourful items and a jazzy and bright killim rug created the basic scene.

Of course, the chaps brought a whole host of props and meaningful items to the shoot too. Princess Diana photos and Angela Lansbury books, their own artworks and whatever that old school analogue (if you can call it that) hoover is called.

Chuck in some bright beanie hats, dungarees, my yellow rain mac and a bow tie and you have a very jaunty scene indeed.

The whole shoot was a joy and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

All shot in a central Brighton studio on Hasselblad H5D with Canon lenses and a Bowens lighting set up.